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What’s recognizable about Faroese designers is that mostly all of them have nature as their spiritual guide. 
By growing up surrounded by nature. Waters and storms, loads of rain and beautiful mountains. 
Wild flowers and animal life right outside your door, - this is truly something to appreciate. 

That’s what Fashion Designer LISSI (Lissi B. Andreassen) is doing. She is inspired by Faroese nature and by
every living creature on the islands. 
And what follows this nature are the stories.

The story that is the motif of this collection SS15 is about the Blue Ground beetle
which LISSI calls the DARK PASSENGER.


The story goes like this: 

Many, many years ago a black ship entered the waters off the Faroes. 
On a stormy night the ship was crushed by the big waves, but all of the crew members 

managed to swim ashore - except for the captain. 

The sea took him and the crew became what we today call the Blue Ground Beetle. 
They couldn’t stay human without their leader and were transformed into beetles. 
Ever since it has been said that if you kill a blue ground beetle, 
a black ship will sink. 

Rumour has it that it is a big, black creature that sinks the big ships by the touch of its hand.
It is widely feared that it is the captain who revenges the loss of his crew.

Fashion Film For LISSI SS15

M U S I C : Dark Passenger by Oliver Huntemann

M O D E L : Diptee Thapa

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